In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

“It’s 7:30am and you have to stand up!”

Tobi “It’s 730am and you have to stand up!” We are woken with this new song we learned from Rye yesterday. After breakfast we go into the nearby forest to try out a few group games, which Rye and Sebastian (our guides) have prepared for us. To walk as quietly as a fox, to hear as carefully as a wolf, and without seeing anything while walking through the rainforest – it’s not as easy as we think. But after trying it out, we are all pretty good at it. After lunch we pack everything together, bring our belongings to the canoe (whoever uses the word “boat” will be thrown into the water), and before we return to the lodge we say goodbye to the place where we spent our first three wonderful days in Canada. With songs and a lot of laughter we set off for the lodge, a trip that is accompanied by an outperformance by Hannes in the water and a small cliff-jumping competition. After arriving in our base camp we take showers and rest. We have experienced a few fantastic days that we will hopefully be dreaming about for a long time.   Photos (c): Wilderness International, Sami Fayed

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