In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

A totem pole for Cologne – The story of the totem pole

This, the first totem pole from the Cowichan People for Cologne is a “Guidance Pole.” This is a very powerful spiritual symbol in their tradition! This totem acts as a beacon, guiding tra-vellers between two cultures, two nations. The Eagle flies above showing the way. The Bear is a protector promising safety for all those who embark on such a journey. The Wolf is a teacher. She beckons all to be aware of the many hidden lessons revealed to us by our creator along the way. The Salmons remind us not only to be courageous but humble. They show us that the veil between life and death is very thin. Like the Sal-mon, we too begin life small and must venture out into the vast ocean of life encountering many challenges along the way never knowing when our time may be done. And like the Salmon that struggle upstream against seemingly impossible current, we too must remain strong and never give up! The Eagle, Bear, Wolf and Salmon of this totem pole stand tall and strong. They bridge the gap between two worlds offering their guidance, strength and wisdom to any courageous enough to venture along the path. Narrated by Harold Joe, written by David MacDonald Photos (C): Wilderness International, Jan Wagener, Sami Fayed Ein Totempfahl für Köln

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