In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Another temperate rainforest

Beside the canadian temperate rainforest there is also Australian temperate rainforest – mostly located in the south-east of the continent. During his holiday our environmental ambassador and new council member Anton had a closer look on the characteristics of the rainforest down-under. „By the first step into the piece of wilderness you can already feel that there is less humidity and different dominating plants and species compared to Canada“, Anton said. In fact, the dominating trees are Myrtle Beech, southern sassafras and Eucalyptus Regnans and the bottom is mostly covered with huge ferns. As the salmon is the backbone of the ecosystem in Canada it is the birds in Australia. Species like the Cockatoo, Crimson Rosella and the Striated Thornbill are mainly responsible for pollination and seed dispersal. These factors come in use for the fast development of a new forest after a forest fire which is naturally common in Australia. Only trees that are older than 200 years develop holes which cater as breeding spots for different birds. Therefore similar to Canada, pieces of untouched wilderness are extremely important for our ecosystem.  


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