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Become a Partner

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The Wilderness International Foundation wants to promote sustainable action. That is why we cooperate with companies that want to change something and engage in ecology. We are happy to include you in local promotions and our sponsorship runs. Or you can protect a specific area of rainforest with every product sold – every square meter counts! In this way, you are sending the message for a livable future of our children into the world.

More and more companies and other institutions take responsibility for their natural consumption. By protecting unique wildlife, they offset CO2 emissions that can not be avoided in the context of their core business. So they make an important contribution to slow down the global warming, and preserve wonderful nature and valuable biodiversity for the future! As a best practice example, they show how we can work for a future worth living. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Strategic rainforest conservation reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - one of the best ways to slow down global warming. In the long term, we offer you the opportunity to offset your CO2 traces. Our forest protection areas are located south of the Great Bear Rainforest on the Canadian west coast. They are extremely species-rich and masters in binding CO2. The biomass of 5000m2 of the protected rainforest binds on average 524 tonnes of CO2. And that in contrast to the tropical rainforest for many more years! Take responsibility with us for the CO2 emissions caused by your products. Be a role model for other companies. As a best practice example you show what you can do for climate justice and species protection!

Are you interested in a cooperation? Then there are various possibilities: For example, you can protect every single product sold a certain area of rainforest, gather at the company party for the customer forest or happy for Christmas your employees with a forest sponsorship!

Become part of our wilderness runs and environmental projects. So you show your customers what you do for the climate protection, and what natural jewels you keep for our children!
The funds run by pupils flow into the environmental protection. This is only possible because sponsors bear the costs of a successful event. The possibilities are manifold: you can, for example, provide water or snacks for the runners, take over part of the stadium rental or support our work by financing advertising and presentation material. In addition, we recognize the commitment of our most diligent students and classes with prizes, which are also provided by sponsors. These are for example outdoor equipment or tickets. In turn, actions like "Planting Trees for the Future" are only possible through donors like you!

Involve your company and your business partners in our biennial Team Challenge sponsored run. Strengthen your team and motivate your employees to work together for the conservation of threatened wilderness! [from here please unfold] Then you will receive a company certificate with the geo coordinates of the protected rainforest and the achieved CO2 compensation. There are also interesting prizes to win!

Conservation Partners

Protection of wilderness areas with products and services as well as joint events

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