In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Coming Back – Day 19

21. July 2018

The last few weeks were like a constant return. First of all, returning back to nature. Back to the values and thoughts that create us, and which have occupied me. Back to the relatively few material things that we need. I became conscious how little they mean when I return to nature.

And then unfortunately, more …

The most extraordinary time of our lives – Day 18

15. July 2018

Why does one only learn afterwards how great some life experiences are, like the one we had in the Toba Valley?! I regret, yes I am almost even ashamed to say that during the expedition, I sometimes yearned for the comforts of civilization, instead of just allowing myself to experience what was in front of me. But last night, more …

Biking through Vancouver – Day 17

14. July 2018

After about two weeks in the wilderness, we are back in civilization. Buildings, cars, oh my – people…! Everything is loud and fast. We can, of course, not complain about how the day begins: pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries. And as a surprise, a birthday cake for a special person: me! Following this typical Canadian breakfast, we rent some bikes and begin to discover the big city.

The sun shines, it is warm and everyone spends their Saturday at the beach enjoying the summer weather. Our bike tour takes us through Stanley Park, Downtown and then to Granville Island, where we have the opportunity to try Canadian specialties at the fish market. We spend the evening at the beach with tasty burgers. We are all a bit sad because our trip is now coming to an end.
See you soon!
– Katerina

Back to Civilisation – Day 16

13. July 2018

After spending the last night under the breathtaking, clear, starry sky of the Toba Inlet, we get up early in the morning to prepare for the arrival of the boats that will take us to Campbell River. A seal, curious about our presence, bides us adieu. Again and again it stretches its head into the air and swims closer to us. But whenever more …