In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau
22. February 2019

Beside the canadian temperate rainforest there is also Australian temperate rainforest – mostly located in the south-east of the continent.
During his holiday our environmental ambassador and new council member Anton had a closer look on the characteristics of the rainforest down-under. mehr erfahren …

8. October 2018

We fly home today. The trip back is under a bit of an emotional cloud, especially because we only had such little time for this unique journey. Nevertheless, mehr erfahren …

7. October 2018

We imagined this morning to be very different. Of course, we knew that time would be against us, but we didn’t know that it would be so hard to leave. In the dark, we break down our tents and the camp. Our plan: Five people will take the motor boat out of the fjord, where the water taxi will pick us up, and four will take rubber dinghies down the Toba. The only problem: mehr erfahren …

6. October 2018

The mood that the light creates on this morning is so amazing that our drone constantly flies to map our nature protection areas, and it takes the most phenomenal panorama images. Afterwards, we watch bald eagles eat salmon. Fabian, our biologist and photographer, takes phenomenal pictures of a young eagle, taking apart mehr erfahren …