In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau
11. September 2012

On Wednesday, 12th september, our guests from the Cowichan Tribe arrived in Frankfurt. As a part of Wilderness International’s exchange program “Wisdom Seekers, Knowledge Keepers” the group is coming to Germany to learn more about the German history and culture. They will also be part of the “wilderness runs” in Cologne, Berlin and Dresden. This is now part two of “WSKK” after a group of German students went on an expedition to Vancouver Island this summer.

You will find the latest news about the trip in Germany here on the “Wildblog”.

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9. August 2012

Exactly seven days ago we once again had German soil under our feet. So much changed for me since we left for Canada – not only my general attitude toward nature and the people, but also my attitude to the allegedly important elements of a civilization. mehr erfahren …

6. August 2012

Dear Wildblog reader!

I had the best time of my life somewhere between the fog of yesterday and the clouds of tomorrow. It has not been very long since these three weeks in Canada, but it seems so unreal – like something from another life. In the first few days everything was still different and foreign. But in an unbelievably short time everything became so natural. mehr erfahren …

6. August 2012

Dear Wildblog-reader,

Now we have arrived back in Germany and I have to honestly say, I already miss Vancouver and all the other scholarship recipients. But not only them, also our photographers, filmmakers and Kathi & Co. It was just so much fun and to see the untouched wilderness is simply fascinating. Of course now we have to share our knowledge and talk a lot about our trip so that more people can recognize how important the temperate rainforest is for all of us, and for every one of us. mehr erfahren …