In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Canadian Cooks – Ein kulinarisches Rezept

Dear “wildblog” readers, we, the „Canadian Cooks“, hope that we will be able to get to know the culture of the Cowichan people and the unique flora of this area during our expedition to Vancouver Island. Our plan is to compile the information we get in a detailed cookbook. Eventually we want to spark interest in learning more about the uncommon plants in this region, for strangers as well as for the Cowichan people. With the help of our project work we would like to emphasize the necessity of protecting our nature. The cookbook will especially be focused on the herbal ingredients, which are threatened with extinction because of the environmental degradation. Overall it is our aim to attract attention for the threatened wilderness in Canada and to appeal the people for being engaged in preserving the land. To be well prepared, we have already read much about some typical traditional recipes of the native Americans. But this can only be a tiny little part of the traditional knowledge of the Cowichan people. Therefore, we are lucky to have a Cowichan cook with us on our journey, who will help us to make our vision of a minimum of ten recipes in our book come real. We are very excited to learn more about the diversity of the traditional cuisine! Our expectations concerning the expedition are completely open. Of course we hope to find a lot of uncommon plants and animals. Analysing them will be really interesting. However, far more important is the essential question how the dishes will taste!? We will let you know! Many greetings from the Canadian Cooks    

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