In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Captivating fog

Henriette I don’t need a mirror on this morning. The sleepy faces of the others show what I must look like too. For the first day during our time in Toba Valley the sky is full of clouds and it is significantly cooler. But this does not stop the “Forest Dump” team from going into the forest and taking their measurements. So in the morning I have time to discuss our project with Pascale. But I am interrupted by a call for help. While fishing, Ronny got his bait twisted in a fallen tree. Kai asks me to wade into the ice-cold water to free it – but only Ronny has success. Before my hair dries, it starts to rain. So I spend the afternoon mostly with the others in the castle-like tent in order to brainstorm ideas for the wilderness version of the “Supergeil” video we want to shoot. The shoot is supposed to take place this evening, and is an entertaining end to a dreary day. But even in this weather it is wonderful here. Especially the fog that wafts with wind and rain through the river valley is breathtaking. SMS from Canada: #1 Henriette – captivating fog, “measured” trees – relaxing rain – bearded trees in the fog – swimming in cold 8 degree C water #2 super amazing video shoot Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos: © Wilderness International

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