CO2-Footprint Calculation

Your Carbon Footprint

Calculation und Compensation

Find out about your business‘ or organization’s impact on the planet.

Together, we gather information about your business activities, such as energy consumption, paper use and mobility, so that we can then calculate the corresponding carbon dioxide equivalents and add them up to know your carbon footprint.

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How does it work?

  • We have developed extremely high-quality, exact and integral calculations that were carefully and objectively selected based on scientific principles.
  • They are transparently comprehensible thanks to our openly accessible calculation database which is constantly being updated and improved.
  • We include emissions from the entire life-cycle of a service or product into the carbon footprint, meaning not only the emissions that result from driving a car, for example, but also those that come with its production and disposal.
  • Afterwards, you will have the chance to compensate your footprint by directly and tangibly protecting precious rainforest areas, if you wish to.
  • Take action and compensate your footprint by protecting pristine nature

    Everyone causes CO₂-emissions. Not all are avoidable, but they can be compensated by protecting intact nature such as primary forests. There, extremely high amounts of carbon are stored in living biomass. We cannot only calculate your ecological footprint, but also the CO₂-storage capacity of different ecosystems. In this way, the area required for compensation can be determined. By protecting those high-carbon natural areas, you ensure that carbon remains stored in living biomass, and thereby balance out your carbon footprint.

    We have calculated the amount of carbon dioxide stored in the wilderness areas of the temperate rainforests in Western Canada. We tangibly protect these with an entry in the land registry for all times.