In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Coming Back – Day 19

The last few weeks were like a constant return. First of all, returning back to nature. Back to the values and thoughts that create us, and which have occupied me. Back to the relatively few material things that we need. I became conscious how little they mean when I return to nature. And then unfortunately, back to civilization. Already at the last campsite on the Toba Inlet we saw strange people. They were fishermen at work. And then the journey to larger and larger cities: Campbell River, Nanaimo, Vancouver. After arriving in Dresden, I was back in the place I have called my home, but it feels strange. Because I have not yet arrived. My brain sometimes still thinks in English, my body does not yet feel at home in this time zone, my legs still show the scrapes and scratches of the forest. But more than that: I think and I feel and I act differently. These are steps to a long-term change. I question what I see and do every day, my perception is more intense, I feel my senses more strongly. Today, when I rode my bike through the city, I had to hold my nose so that I did not have to turn around again where I came from because of the pollution. My composure is calmer, I try to listen better and take more time for things. I am more conscious of the influence of humans on nature, of which there is so little in the city. Since I was in direct contact, or rather in direct interaction with pristine, original life, I feel like I no longer belong to civilization. And now, I can’t just accept the system of which I am a part. I must leave the role of a passive follower. And therefore my wish to give back to nature has become so much stronger. To conserve the rarity of complete freedom of life in the wilderness, and not just for humans. A phenomenal thank you to all of the people who made these realizations possible for us! – Anna

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