In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Deep encounters

Dear Wildblog reader! I had the best time of my life somewhere between the fog of yesterday and the clouds of tomorrow. It has not been very long since these three weeks in Canada, but it seems so unreal – like something from another life. In the first few days everything was still different and foreign. But in an unbelievably short time everything became so natural. In the land of the maple tree, for the first time, I did not think of the past or the future. I lived in the moment – and there were many impressive moments. We experienced nature, were part of a culture, and we got to know ourselves better. I would like to share with you three weeks, three trips and my three personal highlights, because sharing is an important pillar of the Cowichan culture. I will take this with me, and also that the human and the animal and nature are all equal. I am not (yet) a different person after this trip, but I will always orient myself towards this attitude to life, together with deep respect and great thanks. Every day began with a very special moment. When the weather allowed, I slept under the open sky. To be awakened by the sound of the rushing sea, sun rays or birds is wonderful, but when Hwiemtum began the day by drumming or playing traditional music on the flute – that is indescribable. Getting up after a short night was a pleasure. Flying by floatplane sounded like fun. But we were barely in the air, and the fun was over. Underneath us we saw unbelievably large areas where the forest was clear cut. The best two days of my journey were in Koksilah Forest. It was scary and shocking to see how close to this magical place the clearance of the forest has already come. The large area was only visible from the air, and we only saw a fraction of the tragedy. We experienced breathtaking nature, we could watch animals and the theatre of the wild, and we were a team… I could go on and on with my list of beautiful experiences, but what influenced me most were the words of the Cowichan. Everything that Uncle Harald and Hwiemtum said had a background and a deeper meaning, that I still can’t completely grasp. I have already internalized Uncle Harald‘s words about balance. There are always two things – water and land, heaven and earth, giving and taking – and one needs both to find one’s middle, and to retain balance. Here I would like to say: „huy ch’ q’a“. There are expedition participants and expedition organizers. Without you, this journey would never have taken place. There are people who learn and there are people who teach. Without you, there would have been so much that we never would have understood. There are people in front of the camera and people behind the camera. You made the trip unforgettable! Jenin

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