When one listens to the silence in the rainforest, one learns to distinguish what is important from the unimportant. It has become important to me that this can happen to the children of our children later.
Astrid, Environmental Envoy

Wisdom Seekers – Knowledge Keepers

Wilderness expeditions are the basis for our nature conservation concept. During our visits, the documentation and scientific recording of unique wilderness areas is in the foreground. Then, we decide which areas are bought and protected in the long term. For example, several project expeditions to the nature reserves have already been carried out in order to measure tree biomass and to determine biodiversity. A special highlight are the environmental ambassador trips together with locals, for example with Canadian First Nations into the temperate rainforests and the Western Arctic.

On our expeditions, we are always accompanied by scientists, photographers and filmmakers, who bring partners and interested people at home closer to the uniqueness of our wilderness regions.

On our blog, you can follow ongoing expeditions live or browse through past adventures.


Environmental Amabassador Program

With our scholarship program “Wisdom Seekers – Knowledge Keepers” we want to give young people regardless of their financial situation the opportunity to experience nature conservation directly with enthusiasm. On the expedition, they can experience the previously protected areas up close and thus form an opinion about our nature conservation concept. Thanks to the support of scientists and local guides, the environmental ambassadors discover the unique flora and fauna of the wilderness in their own research projects.

In exchange with indigenous elders and youths, the ambassadors learn about their way of life with nature. After the expedition, the ambassadors inform the public in lectures, media reports and exhibitions. As passionate ambassadors, they inspire many thousand classmates to take action for the environment. Most of the environmental ambassadors stay with us for a long time and contribute to the work of Wilderness International in many different ways with inspiring ideas.


Protect the Peel – Empower Youth, 2017
Due to disregard of the Land Use Agreement, which protected 80% of the Peel Watershed Wilderness, her case must be brought to trial in 2014. By now he has made it to the Supreme Court of Canada. The fate of this unique wilderness area in the Arctic affects us all, and deserves international attention. Therefore, German and Gwich’in come together again young people who want to explore together one of the last places of untouched nature and want to speak out for its protection. Two weeks in which the Gwich’in in Germany learn about our relationship with nature and address the threat to their homeland. Two weeks in which the German youth in Canada can gain unique experiences in wild nature, research and experience the culture of the Gwich’in. The beauty of pristine wilderness, the cleanliness of wild water, the livelihood of the First Nations and our future on the planet are at stake. Protect the Peel!
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Your Path Into the Wilderness

Are you in 9th to 11th grade and want to take part in an expedition? Apply for a scholarship to become an Environmental Ambassador! We are looking for curious and enthusiastic students that want to get active for the protection of endangered wilderness areas. If your school has participated in the Walk for the Wild, you can apply. When a new expedition is scheduled, we publish all information and application materials under “News”, on Facebook and here:

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