In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Finally there! – Day 5

Today, we leave our temporary camp to move further up-river to set our first base camp, where we are going to spend the next couple of days. Glistening water surrounds us, and on the sides, the giant trees and ancient lichens of the rainforest fly by. Behind it, massiv mountains covered in snow mark the horizon. We sit quietly and simply take in our impressive surroundings. The boat passes another river bend and slows down. From the right, a smaller river flows into the great stream – this must be the Little Toba River. That can only mean one thing – we have finally arrived! We are now in the heart of the wilderness, where eagles and wolves have a home, far away from noisy streets and rushing people. I cannot wait to start exploring the area. But first of all, there is a lot to do because we have to set up everything in such a way that it will last a little while. For example, we build a fire pit surrounded by stones and pitch our tents so that they are protected from high water. We’re all a little tired because of the long way we’ve had to travel, and because of the mosquitoes and the sun. Now, we take advantage of the final rays of sunshine to go swimming, prepare a wide range of culinary specialties, and enjoy the clean air. The day ends with collegial conversation in the tents until we fall asleep in our sleeping bags, exhausted. We’re looking forward to the next day. – Cornelius

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