In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Foraging in the Rainforest

Hello! I am Antonia Schurig, 14 years old, and I attend the Lößnitzgymnasium in Radebeul. Together with Clara Lampe of the Reclamgymnasium in Leipzig we are a team which is studying the plants of the temperate rainforest. Clara is specialized in the healing plants, and I am looking at the plants that can be used for food. We are putting together an index, herbarium and photos of the plants we find. Clara will also extract plant material and send it to the Gutenberg University in Mainz for it to be tested for its efficacy against leukemia. Over the course of several days I will eat only things I find in nature. That means I will eat plants, fish that I have caught myself and perhaps even insects. I will publish my findings in this blog! I can’t wait to see the nature that awaits us, I am excited about what I can learn and experience, and am incredibly happy about carrying out our project. I also hope that we will have fun as a team, and that the trip will be unforgettably great! Antonia and Clara_SAM8560

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