Global Savings Group Saves Rainforest with its Partners

A gift to nature, a gift to you

Global Savings Group and Their Partners' Forest

A Special Christmas Gift

Isn’t the best Christmas gift the tree itself? That is why this year, all partners of the Global Savings Group (GSG), iGraal, Pouch and Shoop receive a living room-sized piece of rainforest (25m2), forever protected, as a gift! #joingsg

The GSG team partnered with Wilderness International, a non-profit foundation, to provide its partners and brands with the unique gift of a piece of nature protected. As a result, a 20,000 square meter area of primary rainforest will be protected in the Madre de Dios region in Peru, where the highest biodiversity on Earth has been recorded. The donation on behalf of GSG’s partnering brands and advertisers will directly contribute to the foundation’s work and thus help to increase the area of protected forest, wildlife protection, research, education and local environmental projects.

This is your protected area!

This is your certificate! Thanks to the geo-coordinates, you know exactly where the protected area is located.

About Wilderness International

Wilderness International is a non-profit NGO based in Peru, Canada and Germany. We work for the protection of the last wilderness areas of the planet. We purchase ecologically intact and acutely threatened primary rainforests legally secure as titled land and protect them for the future. Donations refinance these purchases and secure the permanent protection of the areas, as well as environmental education and research.

Business Cooperations
Your organization is looking for an employee reward, a Christmas present, or a special gift for your business partners? Wilderness International offers innovative conservation projects that can be linked to your services or products. If you are interested just contact us and we will look into building a sustainable concept for you together.

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Let’s protect even more forest!

One square meter is not enough for you because you want to save the world? Would you like to protect more forest? Choose a piece of forest that you would like to protect forever. As a habitat for the most astonishing biodiversity on Earth. And for a healthy climate!

Protect Your Piece of Wilderness

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