In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau


Hello everybody, the wonderful wilderness time is now over and I am back in the civilisation, no paddling, no jammy instant oat, no wet cloths… But to make this time not to bygone, I would like to write the „good-bye-rap“ down in the wildblog, maybe the camerateam or Kai will publish the video soon, too. Hope you enjoy it:) Blanka Wake up / Sun is shining / Wake up / Sun is shining We shake our bodies and eat instant oat, We look quick in the mirror and jump in the boat. Hurry up and keep looking, where is the paradise for awsome cooking. Grap a tortilla and swing your hips, evil cayenne pepper is burning your lips. Team awsome, you are so great, somewhere in the bush hides the bear for whom you wait. But look at the sea, this tall black point, it’s crazy Kai who looks like he enjoyed a joint. Oh Kai, we all love you, often you are mean but not always you want to. And if you smell and stink, don’t worry, greasy hair is no reason to hurry. Wake up / Sun is shining / Wake up / Sun is shining Canada your nature is what we enjoy, you give inspiration to girl and boy. Keep paddling / Keep paddling, the windy windy ocean allows no struggling! Eagle and seal say good bye to us, tomorrow we will sit in the yello bus and go back to Germany, with neards and candy. Goodbye Canada we enjoyed it here!!

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