In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Hello from Canada! – Day 1

Hello from Canada! After we flew from Dresden airport to Frankfurt early in the morning, and our team was complete, we found ourselves in the airplane to Vancouver. While we waited to get there, we played cards, ate a lot and watched movies. The airport in Vancouver greeted us with its many totem poles, wood carvings and fountains. As our time was extremely limited, we had to take a third flight this day. It was a short island hop to Victoria, where the flight time was about11 minutes. The small propeller-powered aircraft climbed to just 4,000 feet (1,300 meters) and stayed under the clouds, so that we had a fantastic view over the landscape below us. When we arrived in the south of Vancouver Island, we waited for our bus driver Toni, who then took us to the Strathcona Park Lodge. On the way there, we passed Goldstream Park, a tiny rainforest, and got a first small impression of how high the trees actually grow here. Completely exhausted, but happy and content, we fall into our beds. -Anna

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