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In wildness is the
preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Wilderness Protection

Protect Your Piece of Rainforest

Wilderness International legally buys wilderness areas and protects them for the future. Say thank you to nature for everything it provides us with – protect your own piece of temperate rainforest on the West Coast of Canada! For your donation, you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates of your protected forest.

Protect Wilderness

This could be your wilderness sponsorship: W124° 14'10.171

Improve your personal carbon footprint:

Compensate your CO₂-emissions now by protecting the corresponding rainforest area.

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We combine athletic and ecological commitment for the conservation of wilderness.

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For a piece of wilderness

We want to shape the future today. Thanks to our partners, we can protect more and more wilderness areas safely and for the long term. There are many different ways to help us. Let us find a suitable way together and take responsibility for tomorrow.
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27 Mar
The eagle of wilderness protection keeps flying! It is only looking at things from a safe distance: Due to the current situation, we are working mostly from home right now. Nonetheless, we are of course giving our best to keep protecting as much amazing wilderness as possible. Our cause cannot wait! At the moment, we cannot guarantee to be reached at the office phone. However, we are forwarding our answering machine, so just leave us a message and we will get back to you. Our office hours also had to be cancelled for now. If you have an urgent reason to stop by, please send us an email first to make arrangements. Of course, in times like these we are more thankful than ever for any support you can give – after all, you can easily protect wilderness from home! You can become a wilderness sponsor, give a piece of wilderness as a gift to a loved one, or simply donate. Stay safe, Your Wilderness International team
29 Nov
Playful minks, hiding between kelp and stones on the hunt for abalone snails, a silent blanket of snow covering the mountains and trees of the wilderness, and the wise, charismatic gaze of a coastal wolf on Porcher Island: Fabian Mühlberger’s spectacular pictures make the rainforest come alive in your home! Also, did you know how much the nest of a bald eagle weighs? Or why massive sea lions can move fast even on land? This year, our calendar does not only show fantastic pictures, but also includes many fascinating facts about the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest. The calendar comes in DIN-A3 format and will be sent out as a thank you for every donation of 14€ or more. If you would like to receive a calendar, please make sure to use the bank details provided below. When making the transfer, please state “Zuwendung” and your name as reference. Additionally, please contact us via e-mail or via phone (0351/31402220) and tell us your address so we can send out the calendar to you via mail. If you prefer to pick up your calendar personally in our office, we give it away for any donation of 10€ or more, as there will be no shipping costs for us. We offer free shipping if you order 5 or more calendars. And we give away 10 calendars for donations of 80€ or more! Also, do not miss the chance to receive a free calendar with every wilderness sponsorship donated between 12/01 and 12/31/2018! Recipient: Wilderness International IBAN: DE91 8502 0086 0612 2687 46 BIC: HYVEDEMM496 Reference: „Zuwendung“ + your name. Thank you for your support!
11 Aug
Unfortunately for us, it is our last day in the wilderness on the Elk River. In the early morning, greeted by the sun, we wash ourselves in the river and prepare our breakfast at the campfire. There are pancakes and eggs with potatoes and bacon – delicious. Then mehr erfahren …
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