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In wilderness lies the
conservation of the world
Henry David Thoreau

Wilderness Protection

Protect Your Piece of Rainforest

Wilderness International legally buys wilderness areas and protects them for the future. Say thank you to nature for everything it provides us with – protect your own piece of temperate rainforest on the West Coast of Canada! For your donation, you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates of your protected forest.

Protect Wilderness

This could be your wilderness sponsorship: W124° 14'10.171

Compensate Your Carbon Footprint

Improve your personal carbon footprint:

Compensate your CO₂-emissions now by protecting the corresponding rainforest area.

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Walk for the Wild

We combine athletic and ecological commitment for the conservation of wilderness.

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For a piece of wilderness

We want to shape the future today. Thanks to our partners, we can protect more and more wilderness areas safely and for the long term. There are many different ways to help us. Let us find a suitable way together and take responsibility for tomorrow.
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18 Jun

Walk for the Wild Series June 2018

Next week it is finally time again: our Walk for the Wild season begins. We start in Dresden on Monday, June 25; the day after in Mittweida and on Wednesday we round it all off in Leipzig. We are looking forward to three awesome days with thousands of diligent runners racing for the protection of the last preserved wilderness areas. We hope you are in the ready and share our excitement about the Walk for the Wild series in June 2018!
24 Apr

Butterfly meadow in Dresden-Bühlau: Wilderness International creates new living spaces with pupils!

Yesterday, students from the high school in Dresden Bühlau met up with Wilderness International to implement their environmental school project: creating a butterfly meadow. Where there used to be only grass, a few hours later, a long bed of wild flowers and bushes was growing. Many thanks to Brigitte Heyduck for planning and implementing this event! Now, the plants need to be watered and freed from weeds regularly. Wild sage, pinks, mullein and many other flowers will hopefully be attracting many butterflies throughout the summer! We are excited to see who appears first! We are very happy that in this way, young people can contribute to the protection of biodiversity and assume responsibility for their environment. It is important for us that the students not only protect amazing forests on the other side of the planet, but that they can see the fruits of their commitment with their own eyes right at home. Many thanks to everyone who participated and created a new habitat!
21 Jul

Coming Back – Day 19

The last few weeks were like a constant return. First of all, returning back to nature. Back to the values and thoughts that create us, and which have occupied me. Back to the relatively few material things that we need. I became conscious how little they mean when I return to nature. And then unfortunately, more …
15 Jul

The most extraordinary time of our lives – Day 18

Why does one only learn afterwards how great some life experiences are, like the one we had in the Toba Valley?! I regret, yes I am almost even ashamed to say that during the expedition, I sometimes yearned for the comforts of civilization, instead of just allowing myself to experience what was in front of me. But last night, more …
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