In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau
12. November 2018

Research projects are essential elements to our “Wisdom Seeker – Knowledge Keeper” expeditions. The environmental ambassadors prepare a topic of their own choice which they research comprehensively in Canada. After the expedition they analyze and interpret the collected data. mehr erfahren …

3. November 2018

It’s time to think about Christmas gifts – let stunning nature panoramas and unique impressions of the Western Canadian rainforest accompany you through the year.
The calendar comes in DIN-A3 format and will be sent out as a thank you for every donation mehr erfahren …

18. June 2018

Next week it is finally time again: our Walk for the Wild season begins. We start in Dresden on Monday, June 25; the day after in Mittweida and on Wednesday we round it all off in Leipzig. We are looking forward to three awesome days with thousands of diligent runners racing for the protection of the last preserved wilderness areas.

We hope you are in the ready and share our excitement about the Walk for the Wild series in June 2018!

24. April 2018

Yesterday, students from the high school in Dresden Bühlau met up with Wilderness International to implement their environmental school project: creating a butterfly meadow.
Where there used to be only grass, a few hours later, a long bed of wild flowers and bushes was growing.
Many thanks to Brigitte Heyduck for planning and implementing this event! mehr erfahren …

20. April 2018

Wilderness International sucht wieder Bundesfreiwilligendienstler/-innen, die ab September hier im Dresdner Büro helfen möchten.
Durch deine Arbeit hilfst du temperierten kanadischen Regenwald und seine Bewohner, zu denen unter anderem Grizzlys und Weißkopfseeadler zählen, zu schützen. mehr erfahren …