In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Laura Creek to Shuttleworth Bight – Day 3 on the North Coast Trail

Today Henri and I get up very early. We want to have a chance of seeing a bear on the beach. It takes a lot of convincing to get out of the cozy, warm sleeping bags so early and slip into our long hiking clothes, since the air outside looks even colder than usual, because of Laura Creek flowing directly past the camp. But it’s worth it. After a short time, we see a small black bear on the beach. He comfortably turns stones and eats everything he can find. It is a breathtaking experience to be able to observe such an impressive wild animal at such close range. After the bear moves back into the forest, Henri and I take care of the fire and prepare everything for breakfast. At 7, the others get up and together we pack up the camp. Today’s hiking stage goes along the stone beach for the first time. I love listening to the sounds of the stones. After the beach we continue through the forest, along a lake surrounded by moorland, where we discover some plants of round-leaved sundew. Finally, we also manage to ride the so-called Cable Car for the first time, a small cable car over the river. That means we pull ourselves over the Strandby River in a metal basket with our own muscle power. After the last kilometers on the beach we arrive at the camping spot, which provides wooden platforms in the forest. But we decide again to camp on the beach, because Shuttleworth Bight is also an incredibly beautiful long, white sandy beach. So, the tarp is stretched, and the fireplace and tents are set up. We have fallen into routine and have a lot of time to relax on the beach afterwards. We spend the evening with two Austrians, who invite us to a game of Viking chess, with pieces which they have carved themselves from driftwood. A wonderful sunset rounds off the evening. – Carina

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