In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Let’s get moving!

Our Gwich’in-German conservation and Youth engagement project is just picking up steam again! Henriette Wessel and Tobias Hürten from Wilderness International have travelled to Fort McPherson in order to help plan the Gwich’in-German Peel Watershed project, protecting the Gwich’in homeland, the most beautiful piece of land on earth that has not been ripped apart by mining, clear-cut forestry or large infrastructure projects. In 2017 a powerful contingency of Gwich’in Youth and Elders will travel to Germany representing their culture and their need to conserve their land for the next generations. Also in 2017, an expedition team of Gwich’in and German participants will travel the heart of the Peel Watershed, paddling the mighty Snake river. Stay tuned as Tobi and Jette are travelling north to experience a summer above 66°33′ ! Next: travelling the Dempster!

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