In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Let’s go rescue the Peel Watershed!

On July 9th, we are starting our conservation expedition in Canada’s Western Arctic! As usual, we’ll share all our adventures here with everyone at home. Together with youth and elders of the Gwich’in First Nation, a team from Germany will paddle down the Snake River for three weeks. It flows through the Peel Watershed, a unique mountain wilderness (the northeastern foothills of the Rockies) of the size of Austria. This area is the largest intact mountain wilderness remaining in the world, and it is acutely threatened by 14.000 claims of the oil and mining industry. The decision on conservation or development is now discussed at the Supreme Court of Canada – an unprecedented case in nature conservation. With this project, we are closing the circle of our long-term commitment with the Gwich’in the Arctic, which began in 2007 with a first exchange project and letters to the government of the Yukon Territory. In the footsteps of the ancient arctic nomads, we are going to explore the traditional homeland of the Gwich’in. We’ll create high-quality drone films and other media material to share the beauty and priceless value of untouched wilderness with others. We will speak up for the sustainable communal profits of eco-tourism. We will take a stand for the protection of the spectacular Peel Watershed wilderness! We would like to thank all those who donated to our crowdfunding campaign or supported the project in any way! Follow the footsteps of the project all the way to expedition with Jette’s trip to Fort McPherson: 5 months in the Arctic Get more information and learn about the exciting backgrounds of the project here: Our partners from CPAWS Yukon have created a great online presence for the project: Central Arctic Arktis Kanada

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