In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Powerlessness – Day 9

Powerlessness. That is a word that at first, promises bad things, here in Canada just like in Germany. That’s exactly how we feel…powerless. Powerless against the masses of water which began as ice in the mountains on the glacier, now melting and flowing into the Little Toba. The river swells and step by step nears our camp. There is an immediate hectic rush to move the tents, bring the boat on land, build dams. There is frustration and worry. But there is not much we can do against the flood and the rain other than save our own skins. But here in the wilderness, this hard situation also brings a beautiful and important lesson: That there are still places on this earth where we humans can be surprised and overwhelmed by the power of nature. And cannot dispel these processes through disproportional countermeasures which eventually destroy everything. The balance of power of humans vs. nature as we know it is backwards here in the Toba Valley, and we can only hope that the water is not going to enter the tents during the night. However, we are confident that everything will be alright, as the expedition leaders have experience with the water here in the Toba Valley, and our tents are now in a good distance to the river. I write this blog next to the rising river, in the pouring rain, under a tarp that my fellow expedition team members are holding up for me – Thank you! – Raphael

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