In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Nightlife in Vancouver

Hey people. Today is our last day in Canada, because tomorrow we will get on the plane back to Dresden. We all think it is a real shame that our adventure is coming to an end. Therefore we will enjoy our last 24 hours completely. Jannis, Julius and I get up at 8 and eat a small breakfast in the hostel. While our toast toasts, the fire alarm goes off because a bearded Icelander on the second floor lights a cigarette. It takes about 5 minutes until some bored and annoyed people wander to the exits (apparently this happens often here). We lay our three somewhat damp tents on the beach to dry and then we leave with the others for lunch on Granville Island. The plan is for groups go and get food for a picnic… our budget is CAD 40. Julius, Jannis and I buy bagels and fruit. Since we are the first ones to return, we watch a professional street artist, who calls me to over him to help rock the show. I throw him a sword as he rides his 2-meter-tall unicycle (to quote Kai: Oh my gosh that was SOOOOOO COOOOLLLL!!!!). Afterwards we take a selfie and then we are off to the souvenir store. We walk across a neat bridge with a fantastic view of the skyline. And the “cool car quotient” is very high here. Next stop: Stanley Park and Chinatown. After we chat with a few police officers, we reach the park, and the giant cedars remind us a bit of the virgin forest in which we spent the past two weeks. It takes us two and a half hours to walk around the park. We still want to see the totem poles and ask a man with a cigarette behind his ear where we can find them. The dude says: ”Have a look at my Pokemon app.” We think he is kidding around with us, but apparently it’s the Google Maps of Canada, because he is not the only one with this app. After running around for a while we finally find the totems. My advice for anyone visiting Vancouver: Go see those totem poles! We walk along the waterfront to Chinatown, and are hungry for sushi. We end up in the tourist area and still have empty stomachs. We look at the steam clock and inspect the one or the other sports car. In the evening we finally find a small restaurant where I allow myself a steak and spaghetti. We aimlessly walk around the city some more. Later back in the hostel we find that a 55-year-old Asian man has taken over Janis’ bed. In sum: Vancouver is a very cool city, with cool lifestyle. We had so much fun. I really enjoyed my time in Canada and I hope that I can return to the wilderness of Canada sometime again in the future. Until then, I will do all I can to protect this untouched nature. Rock on. Your master of shithole, Henri

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