In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Of unforgettable experiences

Dear Wildblog-reader, Now we have arrived back in Germany and I have to honestly say, I already miss Vancouver and all the other scholarship recipients. But not only them, also our photographers, filmmakers and Kathi & Co. It was just so much fun and to see the untouched wilderness is simply fascinating. Of course now we have to share our knowledge and talk a lot about our trip so that more people can recognize how important the temperate rainforest is for all of us, and for every one of us. Already in the airplane I, and I think the others too, had the feeling that we had experienced something unique, and that it will leave an impression upon us forever. The impressions that we gathered on our trip and our memories will remain, and will have a place in our hearts. Unfortunately we could not stay longer, but there is a saying: stop when it is nicest. Besides, it’s not over yet and we will all stay in contact. I would like to thank all scholarship recipients and the foundation, which made this trip that we experienced together possible for me. Thank goodness we will see each other in September again, because then we will follow up on the expedition. Finn  

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