In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Out of bed and into the bus!

After a short night and lots of packing, we are sitting in a bus towards Mayo. Our driver, Travis, is a young Canadian who has bus-driving in his genes. We leave Whitehorse and are soon in the middle of the wilderness. No houses, few people and little traffic. But of course this is nothing like the wilderness that we will experience tomorrow. As Travis turns up the typical Canadian roadtrip country music, we get the feeling of the high north: long lonely roads, thin and small conifers and endless space. I love it! We stop at Braeburn Lodge. Allegedly they have cinnamon rolls here. But woah! Cinnamon rolls the size of soup bowls and twice as tall. We take a bite and enjoy. The drive goes by faster than we thought it would. It’s still raining when we arrive so instead of building the tents we move into a cabin close to the float plane port. We lie next to each other on the floor and fall asleep quickly. I can’t wait until tomorrow: not only that we will fly into the wilderness, but also that we will arrive at the Gwich’in First Nation at dawn, and will discover their homeland, the Peel Watershed. Most of all I am excited that we are there to protect it! JESC3306
2008 Conservation Expedition

2008 Conservation Expedition

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