Achieving more together


  • AMPri
  • Manufacturer and retailer of disposable and reusable items in the medical, hygiene, care and occupational safety sectors
  • Offsetting of annual operational emissions
  • Partner since 2022

AMPri has environmental protection in the glove

The manufacturer and retailer of disposable and reusable products for medicine, care, hygiene and occupational safety would like to make an ecological contribution with its products. These include not only biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves, but also a real, tangible contribution to environmental protection.

AMPri offsets all of its annual emissions by protecting threatened rainforest areas. All Scope 3 emissions are monitored and non-reducible emissions are offset with wilderness protection. The company's total carbon footprint for 2021 is 6,124,892 kg CO2e. The area of ​​logistics makes by far the largest contribution to this. The calculated CO2e emissions are offset at Wilderness International with the permanent conservation of 135,008 m² of tropical rainforest in Peru.

In addition to the regular protection of rainforests, we will set up a new research project for biodegradable gloves in Peru for AMPri. Once again, employee protection is on our agenda, so we received work gloves for expeditions.