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  • Diamir Erlebnisreisen
  • Second place GreenTec Awards 2017
  • The Diamir forest neutralizes 112,798 tons of CO2 and protects a total area of ​​1,076,422 square meters (as of Dec. 2021)
  • Partner since 2016

Traveling CO2-neutral - DIAMIR protects rainforest and grizzlies in western Canada

Traveling stresses the environment. Diamir was looking for a way to travel more sustainably. The solution: together with Wilderness International, Diamir protects ancient primal untouched and wild nature in Canada. The amount of nature Diamir trips use, measured as a CO2 footprint, is compensated through wilderness protection. In this way a Diamir Forest is being created, piece by piece.

How does this work? The ecological footprint is calculated in CO2 units. CO2 is used in flights, bus transportation, train rides, boat tours and accommodations. Diamir will compensate 50% of the calculated CO2 footprint for every individual. In 2016 that was about 20,120 tons CO2. To compensate that, we protected 192,000 square meters of temperate rainforest in Canada. The storage capacity of the areas are calculated by Wilderness International together with the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig. In order to compensate the other 50% of emissions, travelers can also take over the sponsorship of a piece of forest.

This concept also convinced a jury of the GreenTec Awards, Europe’s biggest environmental prize. In 2017 Diamir received second place for the project “Travelling CO2 neutral - DIAMIR protects rainforest and grizzlies in western Canada” in a strong international competition.

We are especially excited about the involvement of costumers in this project: Between 2019 and 2022 alone, the number of guests who voluntarily contribute with a donation has risen from 15% to 23%.