Drones for Earth

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Drones for Earth

Short and Simple:
  • Drones for Earth
  • NGO that connects drone experts with charitable projects or people who need them for good causes
  • supports transparency at WI by taking aerial pictures of our protected areas and providing the technology and pilots needed for it
  • partner since 2021

Since October 2021, Drones for Earth has been supporting our mission with professional know how, equipment and technology. The international team of professional drone pilots supports our aerial photography projects with RGB, LIDAR and multispectral images. They also help us with data processing.

To celebrate the rebranding of Drones for Earth (formerly DroneAdventures), they also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us protect primary rainforest in Peru. You can join in and let the "Drones for Earth Forest“ grow here: Link.

Whether it is research projects on rhinos, aerial photography of Zanzibar or help with natural disasters: the NGO Drones for Earth uses the know-how of its experts and its technical equipment to help with complicated missions worldwide. The goal is to demonstrate and promote the great potential of drones to protect our planet and support local communities. Drones and pilots are provided for free for projects such as aerial photography and mapping.

We are very happy to have the professional support from the experienced drone pilots at Drones for Earth. Thank you!