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E.P.S. - Experten Pflege Service GmbH

Short and simple:

Love for people in need of care, love for nature

The E.P.S. - Experten Pflege Service GmbH has been offsetting its carbon footprint since 2019 and has thereby protected 870 m2 of temperate rainforest in Western Canada already. This ensures the permanent protection of the habitat of Wapitis, bald eagles and Grizzly bears in the Toba Valley. At the moment, we are calculating the company's carbon footprint for 2020. Soon, you will be able to find more information about this here.

The Experten Pflege Service GmbH supports family members of people in need of care with counseling and trainings, as well as people in need of care directly. That way, they want to help people to decide whether they can take care of the person at home. Their counselings and trainings are individually adjusted to the living environment and needs of their clients.

However, the activities related to this work, such as electricity consumption and driving in a car, have an impact on nature. That is why we calculate the company's carbon footprint. We can then determine the area of rainforest that needs to be protected to offset those emissions.