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endless local

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  • endless local
  • manufacturer of outdoor-, sports- and leisure wear
  • protects 1m2 of rainforest for every article sold
  • partner since 2019

endless local protects rainforest
The idea for the brand was born on Hawaii, and the love for nature and wilderness in the German Allgau mountains. Since 2019, endless local, manufacturer of outdoor-, sports- and leisure wear located in the Allgau mountains, protects wilderness in western Canada together with Wilderness International. Already having protected 640 m2 at the beginning of the cooperation, endless local from now on preserves 1m2 of wilderness for every article that is sold!

The company's name speaks for itself: Since its foundation in 2016, it places great value on the use of sustainable resources as well as the high quality and local production of their articles.

The idea from Hawaii, their home in the Allgau mountains and the protection of wilderness in Canada - an excellent combination of internationality and locality, which on top of all goes hand in hand with the principles of Wilderness International.