Achieving more together


  • Freddy Fresh AG
  • Pizza delivery service
  • Donations in kind for the Walk for the Wild
  • Partner since 2014

Freddy Fresh sponsors the forest

Freddy Fresh AG has been supporting Wilderness International’s wilderness runs since 2014. The franchise in Dresden Cotta donates pizzas for the volunteer helpers after the event.

Freddy Fresh delivers pizza, pasta, salads, burgers and finger-food from 72 franchises across Germany directly into the home. The company places great importance in delivering food that is made with good ingredients, made fresh as well as a fast and reliable delivery so that customers can enjoy the great taste of their products.

You get hungry protecting the wilderness! Therefore our volunteer helpers are able to enjoy the tasty Freddy Fresh food from the Dresden Cotta location after the long days, full of motivation and engagement. We thank them for the support and look forward to further collaboration!