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Goerzwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Short and Sweet
  • Goerzwerk Berlin
  • innovative community of companies and start-ups in a historical industrial park
  • an area of 25 000 m2, equivalent to the footprint of the building, is protected in the temperate rainforest of Canada
  • Partner since 2017

Goerzwerk protects ancient forests

In 2017, the Goerzwerk celebrated its 100. birthday. However, after the industrial park had taken a toll on the environment for 100 years, owner Silvio Schobinger found that it was time to give back to nature: That is why the footprint of the Goerzwerk building will be mapped completely in the temperate rainforest. Together with the tenants, the Goerzwerk protects 25.000 m2 of pristine wilderness for all times. Thus, the innovative community of companies and start-ups invests in the future.

The Goerzwerk, a historical industrial park in the green south of Berlin, was built as a glass and film factory between 1915 – 1917 by Carl Paul Goerz. The brick building was constructed around three inner courtyards and is thus flooded with light. Located in the upper class district Steglitz-Zehlendorf, it represents a monument of German industrial culture that can rarely be found anywhere nowadays. It offers lots of space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative businessmen. Working in a loft has become a trend, however, in most places, old factory sites and storage halls are a scarce good. Goerzallee still offers those sought-after rooms with an open design, bare stone walls and fine glass facades all the way up to the ceiling. On a total area of about  25.000 m2, the historical industrial lofts offer many options for stylistic offices, workshops and storages.