Achieving more together


  • Develops sustainable concepts & technologies for dialysis centers
  • calculates emissions and launched initiative for sustainable dialysis centers together with Wilderness International
  • Partner since 2021

GREENTEC DIALYSIS starts global initiative
Together with GreenTec Dialysis, Wilderness International has developed a special carbon footprint calculator which makes it possible to calculate, visualize and compensate the carbon footprint of dialysis centers. Working together in several workshops, we have developed our own dialysis calculator. It includes the complete door-to-door value chain of treatment for both patients and the dialysis center, adhering to the highest standards. We also work with manufacturers of medical equipment to get even more accurate emission values ​​for devices and treatment materials.
There are around 90,000 dialysis patients in Germany. More than 12 million liters of fresh drinking water are needed every day for their treatments. The daily electricity requirement of all dialysis centers is comparable to the consumption of a medium-sized city such as Greifswald or Friedrichshafen with almost 60,000 people.

The situation is very different in countries with insufficient medical care. Kidney patients hardly have access to dialysis treatments. Here, in addition to economic or logistical challenges, the most important thing to do is to provide the necessary resources such as water and electricity in sufficient quantity and quality.

Medical progress, ecology, economy and social justice must not be opposites. This is why initiatives and technological developments are emerging that improve the quality of life and treatment for dialysis patients, while at the same time focusing on responsible sustainability. GreenTec Dialysis is therefore working on the implementation of resource-saving technologies and, among other things, with Smart Dialysis®, the implementation and consistent digitization and optimization of processes and procedures in the dialysis centers through data collection and analysis.

We are excited about the cooperation and the vision to make a real change in this type of medical treatment and the patients. Thanks to this new calculator and the advice of GreenTec Dialysis, it is now possible to better control, reduce and offset the emissions of a dialysis treatment. In addition, within the framework of the cooperation, our forest protection conservation project is now available to a new industry.