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Global Savings Group

  • Global Savings Group, iGraal, Pouch and shoop
  • platform for e-commerce
  • protects 20.000 square meters of Peruvian rainforest for Christmas 2021
  • donates 5 Cent per transaction
  • Partner since 2021

The Global Savings Group is giving a very special Christmas present to its partners this year

Isn't the best Christmas present the tree itself? That is why this year, all partners of the Global Savings Group, iGraal, Pouch, and shoop will receive a living room-sized piece of forest (25 square meters) in the Amazonian rainforest that has been forever protected as a gift by the GSG.

The GSG team partnered with Wilderness International to provide its partners and brands with the opportunity to protect a piece of nature. As a result, together they protect 20 000 square meters of primary rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in Peru, home to the largest biodiversity on Earth. makes sustainably driven E-Commerce possible

To protect ourselves and others, it is important that we reduce our ecological footprint. At (as part of the Global Savings Group), they know that we cannot do this alone. That is why it is so important to them to ensure a healthy climate. For this reason, they decided to join forces with us at Wilderness International. Together, we protect primary rainforests. will donate 5 cents per completed transaction. Do you want to know more about this collaboration? Check out their sustainability page.