HEROLÉ Reisen GmbH

Achieving more together

HEROLÉ Reisen GmbH

  • HEROLÉ Klassenreisen
  • tour operator for school trips, sports and adventure travel as well as thematic informational tours for groups
  • for every person travelling with HEROLÉ, the company protects 1 m² of temperate rainforest. Added to that, Herolé compensates the carbon footprint of their core business with the protection of ancient forests
  • Partner since 2019

Since 2019, HEROLÉ is a conservation partner of Wilderness International. In 2019 and 2020, HEROLÉ protected a classroom-sized area (64 m²) of temperate rainforest on the West Coast of Canada for every trip, totalling 64 000 m2. Thereby, 75% of the trip's carbon footprint are compensated.

Since 2021, 1m2 of rainforest is protected for every person travelling with HEROLÉ. Added to that, students and teachers can become active as well to compensate 100% of their school trip.

Since 2019, HEROLÉ is also publishing a carbon footprint report together with Wilderness International and offsets the company's emissions by protecting primary rainforests.
The "HEROLÉ FOREST FOR FUTURE" is located in the Land of the Hummingbirds and continuously grows every year.

HEROLÉ is one of the leading tour operators for custom-tailored class trips, study trips and group travel. Trips are planned based on the individual desires and needs of every group and are designed to promote common sense and teamwork. The company is especially proud of their excellent counselling and consulting of their guests. In 2015, Herolé won a prize as one of Saxony's top 5 businesses. Since 2020, the company is also a specialist for sustainable school trips and offers trips as part of the UNESCO program "Education for Sustainable Development".
In 2020, catalogues were printed on FSC-certified paper and sent out in envelopes made from grass. For school trips with a destination that is less than 750km away, plane trips are avoided completely to keep emissions low.