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Impact Hub Dresden

Short and Sweet
  • Impact Hub Dresden
  • Dresdens largest Coworking Community
  • for every new member, the Impact Hub Dresden protects 4 m2 of rainforest
  • Partner since 2018

The Impact Hub Dresden Protects Ancient Forests

The Impact Hub Dresden is not only the largest, but most of all the first community-based and internationally connected Coworking Space in Dresden. The Impact Hub Dresden is part of a network of professionals with more than 16.000 members in more than 100 Impact Hubs on 5 continents. The Coworking Space brings together start ups, visionaries, freelancers, researchers as well as established companies, working together on innovations across sectors and industries.

It's especially noteworthy that members of the Dresden Impact Hub feel at home in the context of Social Entrepreneurship, meaning that there corporate activity is based on social and ecological values. By working together with Wilderness International, the Impact Hub Dresden wants to contribute to the protection of nature and to the preservation of this spectacular ecosystem of the Canadian temperate rainforest. Following the company's motto „locally rooted, globally connected“, the Impact Hub Dresden is happy to be able to collaborate with Zusammenarbeit mit Wilderness International.

The Impact Hub Dresden protects 4 m2 of pristine wilderness - the size being symbolic for a work space. Added to that, they retroactively preserve 162 m2 of wild temperate rainforest for those members that are already part of this vivid community that is the Impact Hub Dresden.