Impact Hub Leipzig

Impact Hub Leipzig

  • Impact Hub Leipzig
  • co-working space and supporter of entrepreneurs with a start-up consultancy service
  • offset of carbon footprint through the protection of ancient forests since its founding in 2019
  • Partner since 2019

The Impact Hub Leipzig offsets its carbon emissions - since the very beginning
The Impact Hub Leipzig is so much more than just a co-working space (although it is!). It is a locally rooted, globally connected community that is part of creating a more inclusive and sustainable world. If you are looking for a creative place with people that inspire you to become better, to grow, and to be successful, then this is the right place.

Since it was founded on July 24th, 2019, the company has been taking responsibility in offsetting its carbon footprint. The company's greenhouse gas emissions were comprehensively determined in the CO2 balance of the Impact Hub Leipzig GmbH. The CO2 footprint was calculated on the basis of the consumption data from 2019 and 2020 and amounts to a total of 12.86 tons of CO2 equivalents. The determined CO2 footprint is offset and protected with 256 square meters of Canadian wilderness. As a result, the CO2 remains bound in living biomass, and habitats and biodiversity are preserved.