KYZR Carbon-Tech GmbH

  • KYZR Carbon-Tech GmbH
  • Specialist for the Design and Production of high-quality carbon wheels
  • protects 16m2 of rainforest per set of carbon wheels sold and offsets the CO2 footprint of its main business activity
  • Partner since 2019

KYZR designs and builds high-quality carbon wheels. When riding one of their bikes, you can feel their passionate commitment to quality, performance, craftsmanship and design. KYZR believes in the worth of manual skills, a welcoming costumer service and the creation of bikes without compromise. Their goal is to create carbon bikes with the best cost-effectiveness in order to allow their costumers a unique biking experience.

Since 2019, KYZR is one of Wilderness International's conservation partners.
In cooperation with us, every year they publish a carbon footprint report of their main business activity and balance out the calculated emissions by protecting temperate rainforest.
Added to that, for every set of carbon wheels sold, KZYR gives the costumer 16m2 of temperate rainforest on the West Coast of Canada.
That way, until 2020, 10 000 m2 of wilderness will be protected forever.