Methocon Project Consulting

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Methocon Project Consulting

Kurz und knackig
  • Methocon Project Consulting
  • Business Counselling for Construction and Real Estate Sector
  • 2017-2019: yearly donation for the protection of  640m2 of ancient forest, since 2020: sustaining member
  • Partner since 2017

Methocon - Our Partner for Wilderness Protection

Since 2017, Methocon implements its Corporate Social Responsibilty by protecting pristine wilderness areas together with Wilderness International every year. So far, we have thus ben able to protect 1920m2 of temperate rainforest on the West Coast of Canada for all times! Since 2020, Methocon supports the fulfillment of our goals as a sustaining member with a regular unallocated donation.

Methocon supports its clients in the creation of effective processes of development and design. Since 2016, Methocon works with companies from the construction and real estate sector from all of Germany. They focus on counselling and supporting the dynamic implemenation of projects in the construction and real estate sector. Their goal is to bring together experts and generalists of different sectors in order to bring to life a unique product for the client.