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A publisher has been relying on climate-compensated business opportunities for years
Since 2018, Motorpresse Stuttgart has been protecting unique wilderness areas with Wilderness International. The publishing company comprises 9 different areas, among them biking and outdoors. Several of them now compensate for the carbon footprint of their products or services. The Outdoor Magazine, for example, has been compensating the carbon footprint of their paper usage since 2018. Moreover, the company has offset events like the Outdoor Industry get-together and the Mountainbike Testival in Brixen in 2021 by protecting ancient forests. In 2021, Motorpresse Stuttgart hosted the first climate-friendly rally: the events' carbon footprint was overcompensated by protecting three times the amount of forest needed to offset emissions.

In this way, our cooperation has steadily been growing, allowing us to protect more than 8000 m2 of unique wilderness together since 2018.

You can find more information about the individual campaigns here:

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