Natürlich Reisen Tourdesign GmbH & Co. KG
the luxury of nature

Natürlich Reisen Tourdesign GmbH & Co. KG

Short and Simple: 

  • Natürlich Reisen Tourdesign
  • Partner since 2021
  • selected sustainable nature travel with a focus on nature and biodiversity conservation and animal protection, individual trips with big adventures and meaning
  • compensation of transport emissions through the protection of wilderness in Western Canada

A joint trip to sustainability

Eye to eye with a lion during a safari in Africa or exploring the depths of Latin American rainforests - Natürlich Reisen's destination is always "the luxury of nature". Since 2021, Natürlich Reisen is a partner of  Wilderness International because travelling emits CO2. To compensate emissions and to say thank you to nature, they protect unique wilderness areas in Western Canada.

Together with WI, they compensate greenhouse gas emissions of all flights and transport on land for selected trips. This helps to raise awareness among the guests, whose destination is nature. Added to that,  Natürlich Reisen also supports other projects for biodiversity conservation and animal protection in Africa and Asia.

Natürlich Reisen says "thank you" to nature and protects temperate rainforest in Western Canada, a truly unique area of wilderness.

We are looking forward to our joint trip to sustainability!