Achieving more together


Short & Sweet
  • Advance industrial automation using data-driven processes
  • For each endpoint of the software, Optalio donates 1€ to protect rainforests in Peru
  • yearly carbon footprint offset through rainforest protection in Peru
  • Partner since 2021

OPTALIO wants to transform an entire industry

Sustainability is an integral part of the Optalio DNA. The start-up from Eschborn offers data-based solutions for small and medium-sized companies in order to sustainably promote their digital business development. With Optalio's tools, bottlenecks in production can be eliminated, machine failures avoided and production and delivery sequences are optimized. This saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

But Optalio 's solutions for the optimization of production processes do not only result in more sustainability for their customers. Environmental protection also has a firm place in Optalio's own business activity. The company has been protecting valuable primary rainforests together with Wilderness International since June 2021, for example through the calculation and compensation of the company's carbon footprint.

The company even involves its customers in its commitment to greater sustainability and donates to Wilderness for each customer project: If a customer completes a subscription for an endpoint with access to Optalio's platform, the company donates 1€ to Wilderness International to protect the Amazon rainforest in Peru.