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ORTLIEB ensures dry transport on expeditions

With the right gear, you can reach any corner of the planet to fulfill solid research. This is exactly what ORTLIEB products have been fulfilling since 2008 on our expeditions to Canada and Peru. The duffle bags and big zips are already used when getting to the destination area with several flights, car, bus and boat trips to the protected areas. Especially on the boat trips, both food and other equipment are stowed in the large panniers and can thus be carried through impassable terrain and through the water. The waterproof protection of our research equipment is extremely important and is guaranteed by the ORTLIEB quality. Even if a bag with drone technology has ever gone overboard, they have reached the shore dry.

For this purpose we received ORTLIEB Atrack backpacks including drinking equipment, big zips and duffle bags.

We are very grateful to finally be able to discard our disused bags from 2010 after ten years of intensive use. The complete professional equipment of our forest guardian Chici with backpack and duffle bag is a contribution to work safety and last but not least an expression of appreciation for his valuable work for the forest.