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Purple Bike Coffee

  • Purple Bike Coffee
  • sustainable coffee with a positive impact
  • protects one square meter for every bottle of coffee sold
  • Partner since 2022

Purple Bike Coffee Takes Off with Full Throttle towards Positive Impact

Gabo and Eli, the founders, are real coffee lovers, but they love even more is creating a positive social and ecological impact with their start-up. All the better that from 2022 onwards, every bottle of coffee sold will permanently protect one square meter of intact rainforest.

The beans actually come in a returnable, reusable bottle which are meant as an alternative to the disposable plastics and waste of the coffee industry. Added to that, the start up trades directly with the coffee farmers and on top of that donates to Deutschland-Nkambé e.V.., an association that supports the region of northern Cameroon, where some of the specialty coffee comes from.  And within the city of Leipzig, they even deliver with zero emissions!

That way, every single bottle contributes to the conservation of valuable ecosystems and helps Earth and the people that live on it short and long term!