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Terranova Touristik

Short and simple:

  • Terranova Touristik
  • tour operator for bike and ebike tours
  • compensates carbon footprint by protecting wilderness
  • partner since 2022

Even when traveling by bike, we cause emissions due to our arrival journey and our travel home, staying in an accommodation etc.. That is why the tour operator terranova now offsets these unavoidable emissions, measured in carbon dioxide equivalents, by protecting unique rainforests on the West Coast of Canada. Thereby, they protect ancient tree giants that have stored large amounts of CO2, and at the same time they preserve valuable biodiversity for the future.

This way, terranova actively protects a unique ecosystem for future generations and promotes sustainability.

Not only during everyday life, but also when traveling, sustainability has become an important issue for many people. That is why many choose to move by bike, even during vacation. That is why terranova offers bike and ebike trips in Germany and even worldwide. Guests can choose to enjoy a guided tour or go on an individual trip.