Vier Vogel Pils GmbH

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Vier Vogel Pils GmbH

  • Vier Vogel Pils
  • Beer producer
  • Wilderness International special edition bottle for the protection of Land of the Eagle
  • Partner since 2018

At the beginning of 2018, Vier Vogel Pils produced a special edition of its regoional beer under the slogan “this bottle of beer saves birds’ lives”. With the proceeds, the brewery sponsors 1,00 square meters of untouched rainforest in the protected area called the “Land of the Eagle” on Porcher Island. You can find the geo-coordinates of the area with the QR code on the back of every bottle.

An idea that was spawned by four students in Colombia, has developed into an established beer? Vier Vogel Pols, a small company with only nine employees, produces its Pils and Ka-Radler in Dresden. Since 2016, Vier Vogel Pils has been available in supermarkets as well as the brewery’s own beer bar “Horst” in the Dresden Neustadt neighborhood.

With this special edition the Vier Voegel brewery has not only protected birds’ lives in the temperate rainforest – the Land of the Eagle is home to bald eagles, black bears, wolves and ancient trees. We are grateful for the support and look forward to further collaboration!