Projects & Events

Projects & Events
In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

We regularly conduct expeditions to the wilderness. No matter if we are in British Columbia's temperate rainforest, in the Western Arctic or in the Amazon rainforest of Peru - the documentation and research of unique wilderness areas is our main goal. Committed students accompany us on environmental ambassador expeditions. Learn more about why we do all this and how such an expedition works. Additionally, you can find the stories, pictures and videos of past expeditions as well as information on upcoming trips.

Along with our long-term projects and regular presentations we also carry out many small and large events throughout the year: Researching for Koksilah Ancient Forest on Vancouver Island, tree planting in Dresden or a totem pole in Cologne for example. At the heart of these events is always the protection of nature.

At the Walk for the Wild, students can protect their own piece of wilderness with the help of sponsors and athletic commitment. It is the perfect opportunity to effectively get involved: for the most biodiverse rainforests globally, for climate protection and greener schools locally. Find out how this works and how to participate in the Walk for the Wild here! You can also see the pictures and results from past walks as well as dates for upcoming events.

20 percent of the money collected during the Walk for the Wild can be used for environmental projects at local schools. Find out how this works, what kind of projects have been implemented and ideas for new ones!