Protect Rainforest in Peru


And save a valuable piece of Amazon rainforest in Peru!

Jungle trees full of liana, secretive jaguars and playful monkeys - your wilderness sponsorship directly protects a piece of untouched nature. Wilderness International buys forest areas and protects them forever with legal security through an entry in the land registry. You receive a personalized sponsorship certificate with the exact geo-coordinates of your protected piece of forest, as well as a donation receipt. That way, you can track exactly which piece of unique wilderness you have preserved forever. A wilderness sponsorship is a one-time donation that does not entail any further obligations. The sponsorship is also an ideal gift.

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Wilderness International (Canada) is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency since January 14, 2008. Our registration number is 840904817 RR0001.
The foundation Wilderness International (Germany) is a registered charity and may issue tax deductible donation receipts. Registration number: 20-2245/161