In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Rainy day and a mudfight

It is warm and comfortable in the large tent, but I hear the rain beating against the tent wall. This says to me that the good weather we hoped for has not come. Even after breakfast it doesn’t look good. Julius, Emilia and Henri help to bring the boat to higher ground because the river has risen to a dangerous level. Since everyone was tired from the day before, most people sleep until 12 o’clock. My insect-bitten legs itch and the rain is annoying but I still find joy in the mysterious fog of the Toba. Further good news arrives: Kai says that lunch will be steaks from our barbecue-god Ronny. I’m very happy and my mouth waters already. We make a fire and set the table. My stomach is full after five steaks and I am happy to see the first rays of sun over the Toba. Kai also seems to like it and begins a water fight that turns about 60% of our camp into a mudbath. I watch this from a secure distance because I don’t want my stuff to get wet. After this fun(ny) interlude it starts raining again and everyone’s mood sinks. It is clear to us that we have to re-build our camp on higher ground because the river is rising again. We start to pack our things and carry them into the forest. We have noodles for dinner and here in the forest it’s comfortable enough except for the mosquitos and the moisture, and the rain that won’t stop. In my tent I realize this was probably one of the more relaxed days, and I fall asleep with the hope of better weather ahead. Jannis Wilderness International Kanadareise 2014

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